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In recent years, society has made it a priority to provide knowledge to our young people. College degrees and report cards are valued in society, and academics is crucial to human development, but knowledge itself is not the key to being a good citizen. When I was a child, a teacher told me, "I am here to give you knowledge- but your education comes from home." These words have stuck with me throughout my life, reminding me that it is up to me to be a good human being every day with good deeds.

Ethics and morality didn't give me a college degree, but respect and civility are two basic values that we need to create a better society, especially when faced with the threats of racism, terrorism, and intolerance. Our social standards should be protected and defended. We have to better our society, no matter our personal circumstances.

EDUCATING CITIZENS wants to contribute to society in providing complementary education to provide training in these values, as well as increasing opportunity in our our community for all age groups. Often adolecents are targetted when they are not given access to education, we hope to target this through opportunities in vocational studies, mentoring, and aid in the college application process. We also hope to help adult immigrants adjust to American life through English literacy classes and workshops in Civics studies. Although we are just starting our organization, we know the impact it will have on society will be great.

"If knowledge is not accompanied with good ethics and values, the result cannot be called education."

David Miranda

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